Hospital Case Study

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Cornwall Hospital Case Study

  • Location: Jamaica
  • Demand: 400 beds
  • Technology: Thermosiphon solar systems
  • Equipment: 20 * 300 Liter tanks & 40 E collectors

The Cornwall Regional Hospital is Western Jamaica’s premier public health facility. It is a 10 story, 400 bed multidisciplinary institution with various specialist centers.

The hospital has four 100-ton chillers for its HVAC needs, and more than sixty stand-alone air-conditioning units in various rooms. The central systems were 25 years old and were decommissioned for lacking spare parts, huge inefficiency, and their high expense to maintain.

A straightforward economic solution was offered to correct the hospital’s problem. This included 20 Thermosiphon-based solar systems, with a net volume of 6,000 liters, which are also connectable to the existing 15,000 liter boiler. The plant also includes 40 collectors, with a net aperture of 86m².

This renewable energy plant eliminates the need to operate and maintain poor-performing systems, and has a design life of 20 years.