Commercial Tanks

Chromagen’s commercial tanks are specifically designed for industrial projects, and supplied with single or double heat exchangers. Our wide range of tank sizes are manufactured up to 3000 liters. The tanks may be supplied with indoor or outdoor covers for various installation types.

Storage Tank

Constructed with thick steel, automatically welded – ensuring precision and permitting a working pressure of 8 bar.

Enamel Coating

An internal glass-enamel layer protects against corrosion.

External cover

Thick esthetic fabric coating provides extreme durability and an attractive finish for an indoor installation, or – an outdoor fabric cover.


A thick high-quality sponge insulation layer ensures optimal insulation and heat retention.

Electric Element

Energy efficient electric element with rapid heating time enables the provision of hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sacrificial Anode

Magnesium Anode provides anti-corrosion protection to the pressure vessel.


A built-in thermostat ensures that the water temperature inside the tank does not exceed a preset temperature, while using the electric heating element.

Heat Exchanger

Available in a single or double spiral Heat Exchanger for the vertical tank configuration.