Chromagen Electric

Chromagen Electric tanks meet the needs for a fast and efficient hot water supply.

They are specially designed for durability in areas with high levels of water hardness, and are available with or without an internal heat exchanger in a wide range of sizes.

Storage tank made of cold rolled steel. The thermal tank is shaped in special patterns by a robot welding process, thus achieving: perfect enamel application & avoiding the deformation of the internal tank as well as the enamel erosion in case of high pressure.

Anti-corrosion internal layer of enamel baked at 860°C, according to DIN 4753 standard, for protection against electrolysis. The enameling is done in our high tech industrial facilities. The water tanks are checked individually upon exit from the Enamel unit, assuring the top quality of the enamel.

Hot water outlet – consumption stainless steel ½” BSP male threaded pipe end with plastic adapter.

Cold water inlet – supply special shaped ½” BSP male threaded divider, for even water stratum.

10 bar non-return valve for safe and controlled hydraulic pressure relief.

Steel pressed neck for the heating element without welding, with internal incision for easy and quick heating element installation, no need for special tools – locknuts. Extraction and re-installation of the heating element in less than one minute.

Full bodied gasket for sealing the heating element from the thermal tank, thus protecting the heating element flange from electrolysis and corrosion.

Heating element rated according to the country of destination local regulations.

Heat exchanger with 3/4” BSP male threaded pipe ends, made of steel pipe, large exchange surface.

Cathode protection by magnesium anode for effective internal protection against corrosion and mineral deposits caused by electrolytic reactions.

Internal adjustable thermostat with bipolar protection and auxiliary fuse.

Protective cover for the electrical section designed for easy access. It locks with just one screw. Ventilation holes specially designed for safe water vapor aspiration.

Sealed entry of the heating element connection cable, with a rubber collar on the cable.

Thermal insulation: ecological high-density expanded polyurethane ensures minimum heat loss, maintaining the hot water temperature.

External housing with electrostatically robotized painted steel for protection against corrosion.

Thermometer & Operation indication light

  • Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar, Test pressure: 12 bar

* Due to on-going development, specifications are subject to change without notice