Quality Policy

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World Wide Standards

Chromagen continuously strives to improve the quality of the products and services in the markets in which it operates. The company particularly place an emphasis on the quality of service, energy
efficiency & saving, and environmental impact – all while ensuring the safety, security, and health of our employees and customers.

The company constantly searches for new innovative solutions and products that will create competitive capabilities and open new markets; all in an effort to continue as one of the world’s leading companies in its areas of activity. The company strives for the highest level of quality, reliability, and excellence so that customers receive the best value solution to suit their budget.

The company’s values towards its customers – both its end customers and its installers and distributors, are based on the following values: professionalism, reliability, efficiency, quality and service orientation for the product’s entire life span.

Company Commitments

  • Manufacturing processes, installation activities in the field, and customer service will be complied with applicable laws, regulations, and standards while protecting the safety and health of its workers, installers, and users – undertaking to protect the environment over time and on a continuous basis.
  • Company management undertakes to observe all official laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection and safety, as required by the state law and official institutions over time, and on a continuous basis.
  • Company management will act to apply the quality policy among all its executives and employees in order to contribute to the processes of constant improvement in the quality level of the company’s solutions and products.

Policy toward Company Customers

  • Awareness of product quality: the quality of the product will meet the customer’s expectations and requirements, including the official regulations applicable to the various customers as well as unique requirements of markets around the world.
  • Service and warranty: The company’s end consumers, installers, and distributors shall receive the finest service and warranties in accordance with their needs in a high-quality, service-oriented, swift, and courteous manner. Company employees shall be aware of these needs in order to fulfill them while achieving complete customer satisfaction in accordance with their expectations at the desired level of quality, within the required time and at a fair and competitive price. The company will perform a risk & opportunities analysis procedure in order to prevent malfunctions, and respond quickly to customer complaints by performing corrective actions and take steps for continuous improvement.
  • Developing solutions and products: The company strives to present its customers with innovative and leading water heating solutions that will meet its customers’ needs in accordance with their expectations and beyond, while also in accordance with changes in the market.

Policy toward Company Employees

  • The company will share with its employees the responsibility for uncompromising quality in all areas of its activity, from product specification, development, manufacturing, delivery, installation and service to its clients, as needed.
  • Company management works to constantly enhance the welfare of its employees by improving their work conditions, working environment, and various activities. The company is attentive to its employees’ problems and will help in providing solutions for personal issues.
  • Management considers its employees to be full and active partners in achieving its goals and it encourages them to initiate actions intended to improve products and processes and to be involved in all of the company’s activities. Management will act to protect the health of its employees through constant improvement and by performing actions that will protect employees from harm and professional illnesses.

Policy toward the Environment

  • The company is active in the field of clean energy and thus considers itself committed to fully protecting the environment.
  • The company will strive for constant improvement in the environmental impact of its manufacturing, transport and installation activities.
  • The company is committed to comply with international and local laws and regulations, with regard to clean air, waste, and hazardous materials, and will act with full transparency vis-à-vis the regulators responsible for those fields.

Social Responsibility Policy

  • Chromagen provides hot water solutions and therefore considers its product as a vital and necessary resource for the public at large.
  • The company will act in a fair, fully transparent, and honest manner with its customers and workers, with all the obligations this implies.
  • The company will lead activities in conjunction with the public while placing an emphasis on educational activities in the field of industry and service.
  • The company recognizes the values of social involvement and will act upon and work towards achieving these values to the best of its abilities.

Partnership with Suppliers

Management considers its suppliers and subcontractors to be full partners to its success and states that the quality of raw materials and the conditions of their supply are a fundamental condition for the quality of its products.

Chromagen will prefer suppliers who uphold a policy of quality, safety, health and environmental protection – each compatible with its values and policy as a company.