Hospital Case Study

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Clinica Davila Hospital Case Study

  • Location: Chile
  • Demand: 403 beds
  • Technology: Solar-thermal field
  • Equipment: 400 F collectors

Chromagen designed and implemented a complete energy saving system for the large medical center in Chile – Clínica Dávila.

At the heart of the renewable energy plant is a solar collectors field, which comprises of 400 high-efficiency flat plate collectors. The field supports the direct heating of approximately 100,000 Liter of potable and process water per day. 60% of this water volume is heated by the field, with the rest by a backup.

On an annual basis, the system eliminates the emission of 128 ton of CO2 and 85 ton of LPG, while also generating roughly 30% of the building’s total energy demand.

During summer, the system is completely autonomous – operating solely from energy captured by the solar field.

The project was commissioned with the cooperation of ‘Chilectra’ – the Chilean power utility.