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Chromagen guarantees

Best-in-class clean hot water solutions
Since the release of Chromagen’s pioneer system in 1962, the company remains committed to its promise to bring top-quality products to the end user. Each system uses materials that guarantee clear water and efficient water circulation, reducing the build-up of unwanted chemicals. Chromagen’s water-heaters, which are glass-lined, further ensure that the water stays clean.

Product innovation
Chromagen’s production complex consists of a 6000m2 thermo-tank factory and a 3500m2 collector factory with the latest laser machinery available. These advanced facilities reduce costs and guarantee top quality products for the end user, which Chromagen is known for in the market.

Energy efficiency
Chromagen works together with home owners, and the construction industry, providing technical expertise for system designs that reduce energy costs. Solutions are available for both single-family homes and mega complexes such as apartment houses, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants. Chromagen’s systems are certified and comply with global standards.

Customer service
Chromagen’s global distribution network provides a team that strives for excellence in sales and customer service. The team’s profound market knowledge and technical experience matches the solution best suited for the customer, which saves money and maximizes energy output.

Environmental health
Chromagen is committed to its customer’s by providing high quality, efficient systems, while being an integral participant in the worldwide cause for a cleaner environment. Working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, Chromagen’s solutions ensure a healthier environment by reducing the need for electricity and safeguarding water quality output with its glass enameled storage tanks.