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Home Expo Kenya 2015


Last week, 16-19/4/2015 the traditional annual home expo Kenya took place in Nairobi. The trade fair attracts both consumers and developers from all around Kenya and was extremely successful

Chromagen local representative Energood (EA)- Amiran took part and made a great impression on all visitors. Chromagen brand gets  the solar market attention and becomes the  equivalent for quality and professionalism of solar water heating solutions.

We congratulate our team in Kenya headed by Mr. Ohad Lavi !

Chromagen management.



Sydney University Commercial Solar water solution in Australia

Chromagen Australia in conjunction with Axis Plumbing NSW has recently completed the supply and install of a highly efficient hot water system consisting of a gas central water heating system fed by solar pre-heated water.

The central water heating units comprises of an internally installed 10 heavy duty continuous flow water heaters, hung back-to-back on a skid frame, and 600 liters of buffer hot water storage. The pre-heat section comprises 44 x blue sputtered Chromagen thermal collectors and 4800 liters of solar pre-heated water storage.

The system has a hot water output of 7,800 liters per hour, and has been designed to provide approximately 20%* of energy savings over a standard gas central hot water unit.

*Based on daily delivery of 40,000L of hot water at 60°C.



New Installation for a satellite company in Russia

Chromagen’s team has installed a solar water heating system in Yasny, a Russian small town, located in Orenburg Oblast, Russia.The customer is Cosmotrust, a company which launches satellite carrying ballistic missiles to space.

The system is installed at the hotel, used by delegations staying at the launch site. 50 sputtering F collectors are heating successfully the 2 * 2500 liter tanks in Russia harsh conditions.

In minus 20°C (minus twenty degrees centigrade!) the collectors are covered with frost and snow in the morning time, which melts when the collectors are heated during the day time. The customer reported that the collectors are heating the water perfectly well, even though the outside temperature is so low!




Cooking Oil Factory - Uruguay

Chromagen started operating in Uruguay about three years ago with its business partner “Partes y Equipos”. During this time, the government has endorsed the use of Solar Thermal energy, by legislation and subsidies.

When started, Partes y Equipos has approached a nonexistent market – and one of the main objectives, at first, was the industrial/commercial market.

The installation below is for the one of the biggest cooking oil manufacturers in Latin America, which manufactures the “Optimo” brand. The first installation at their Montevideo site appears in the attached photo.

This installation is the first among two ordered, and it is already operational, heating the water to 55 degrees, as needed. The second should be completed at the beginning of 2014.




Chromagen was selected as the Solar Water Heating system provider for the town of Rawabi. The system Chromagen designed is a unique forced circulation system for each individual apartment, and includes an interface to a gas back-up system, for space heating and sanitary uses. The newly built city is located 10 kilometers from Ramallah and will include approximately 4500 apartments.




Dual purpose Drain Back and Thermosiphon tanks 

Recently, Chromagen started producing dual purpose tanks that are used both for Thermosiphon systems and for Drain Back systems.
The Thermosiphon option is a regular double jacket horizontal tank.
The drain back solution consists of a forced circulation system (collectors on the roof, tank is in the house, solar station with pump and differential thermostat). When temperature in the collector reaches close to freezing or reaches a high temperature, the circulation pump stops circulating and the water in the collector/s drops down into the heat exchanger. The double jacket heat exchanger is large enough to provide heat exchange area for heating the tank and space for the water from the collectors in the Drain Back mode.
The advantages of this system include: no need to use antifreeze liquid, pressuring the system is lower than a pressurized system that includes an expansion tank, and the system enables protection of the collectors in very low and high temperatures.
The tank includes two additional exits to allow for a vertical installation and in addition a set of support legs for this option.
This solution enables Chromagen to provide one tank for two very different applications in a competitive price and also to reduce stock level of our distributors and installers.


Chromagen installs solar water heating systems in Costa Rica at the Vatican embassy

Obviously, the Solar Energy we used is coming from a “Godly” resource, the Sun. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that the Holy See’s representatives are using Solar Water Heating systems in order to heat water. It comes as no surprise they have chosen to use Chromagen’s systems – both because of their world renown quality and longevity, and the fact they originate from the Holy Land... 


Chromagen installs Solar Water Heating systems in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a Pacific Ocean group of islands, about 900 km. off the shore of the South American continent. Today, the Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador. There are 18 main islands, from which only two are inhabited. The main settlement is in Santa Cruz, which serves as the main tourism center, and where about 25,000 people live. There are over 100 hotels in Santa Cruz, and around 20 more in Isabella, the neighboring island.   

Following Chromagen’s project in Ecuador, during last year, in which over 2800 systems where installed all over Ecuador, we identified the islands a prime “candidates” for the implementation of Solar Water Heating systems, especially because of their special status as an environmentally sensitive biosphere.
Together with our Ecuadorian partners, Chromagen conducted a series of presentations to a large number of hotels, and two contracts immediately signed. The first hotel, was recently installed is the Silberstein Hotel http://www.hotelsilberstein.com. The second hotel, located on the Isabella Island, should be installed shortly



TV commercial in Japan, Chromagen News, May 2013

Japan distributor - Purpose Co. Ltd. has launched on May a TV commercial for the solar panel called "SOLAJU". Below is the link to the short video clip



‘Power & Electricity world Africa’ exhibition
Chromagen News, April 2013

Chromagen will be presenting at the ‘Power & Electricity world Africa’ exhibition
Conference: 08 - 11 April 2013 / Exhibition: 09 - 10 April 2013.
Sandton Convention Centre - Power Generation Hall: Booth D13, Johannesburg, South Africa.

We look forward to see you at the show!


New Installations in Rwanda - Africa
Chromagen News, December 2012

Chromagen’s Rwanda distributor – Balton Rwanda, successfully installed a pilot of residential systems in Kigali, Rwanda. Following the pilot great success, Balton Rwanda was awarded additional 6000 systems to be installed in the next three years.

The SolaRwanda program is led by EWSA - Rwanda Electricity Company, and will include a grand total of 12,000 systems which will be financed by the World Bank. The program provides a subsidy of 300$ for 200 liter systems, and 450$ for the 300 liter systems. The bank lends the home owner, the balance between the system cost and the subsidy. The home owner payment conditions are about 50$ per month, back to the bank. The electric company receives the system’s cost from the bank and transfers it to the supplier- Balton Rwanda. Balton CP distributes Chromagen systems in Uganda and Ghana countries as well.



Solar water solution for hospitals in El Salvador
Chromagen News, December 2012

The inauguration ceremony of the installation of a solar water solution for a large hospital in El Salvador took place on the 15th of November with the presence of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of health.

The event was a great success due to the fact that the conclusion from this first installation was that the next stage of installations will include six additional hospitals in the next few months.

The installation at the San Juan de Dios hospital in Santa Ana provides a solution for the hydrotherapy and the pediatric departments of the hospital. Installation includes 48 collectors and two 3000 litter tanks.The installation was planned by Chromagen together with Tecnosolar, our partner in El Salvador, and was installed by their experienced team.


Chromagen develops New long 300 and 400 liter tanks
Chromagen News, October 2012

Chromagen Ltd. developed new tanks: Long 300 and 400 liter tanks. The new long 300 system provides an improved aesthetic design with tanks that are narrower, longer and include a tray on the bottom of the tank that is in line with the collector tank. In addition, the tray is finished with side covers and casing that matches the black of the collector. This system is faster, easier and cheaper to install as there is no need for a stand required for inclined roofs. The tray distributes weight of tank that is placed directly on the roof that is installed with fitted hooks.


Chromagen Completes the Supply of a Large Social Housing Project in Ecuador
Chromagen News, August 2012

In January 2012 Chromagen won a large-scale Social Housing project in Ecuador, which entails nearly 2700 solar systems in its first stage. This project is part of a governmental initiative to reduce electricity consumption and to support Ecuador’s conversion to solar water systems. The systems consist of 150 liter tanks, "D" collectors and a connection kit. The project has been commissioned by the Ecuador Ministry of Energy while the management company is Enerpetrol, Energia y Petroleos S. A. The pace of installations is 25 to 30 systems per day.



Chromagen Digital (i-thermo solar) Nominated for Innovative Product of the Year
Chromagen News, May 2012

May 15, 2012 - Sha'ar Ha'amakim, Israel - Chromagen Digital has been nominated by the Intersolar Europe 2012 committee for innovative new product. The committee consists of experts that evaluate product innovativeness and productivity. Chromagen Digital, named i-thermo solar in the international market, has been launched in Israel and at a later date is planned to be available in other select markets around the world.

Chromagen launched the Chromagen Digital on May 8th at the Building Exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel, displaying the first in-home digital device for thermosiphon and forced circulation systems. This digital control device allows users to control their hot water needs according to their requirements by programming once and letting the digital control device do the rest.


To read the press release click here.


Chromagen and A.O. Smith Partner with Promise Energy on Collector Panels to Boost commercial solar water heating market
Chromagen & A.O. Smith News, March 2012

Milwaukee, Wis.— Chromagen and A. O. Smith have reached an agreement to provide solar thermal collector panels to Promise Energy to give a major boost to the commercial solar water heating market in the U. S.

Promise Energy is an affiliate of Adam Capital located inSonoma,Calif., a leading clean energy finance company in the U. S.  Promise Energy provides full-service design, engineering, installation, and financing of commercial solar hot water systems for multifamily affordable housing, apartment units, and other commercial buildings.

Click here to read the press release


Chromagen the Sole Provider of Hot Water Solutions in the Israel Big Brother House
Chromagen News, January 2012

Chromagen is proud to be the sole provider of all hot water solutions in the 2012 Israel "Big Brother" house. The Chromagen solutions answered possible freezing conditions and the optimization of energy, such as the BlueTouch collector, which is the most powerful solar collector in Israel with sputtering coating.

The goal of Chromagen is to have systems that guarantee clean hot water for the Big Brother occupants, while monitoring energy usage. Each Chromagen configuration ensures top-of-the-line water quality, system efficiency, and effective energy savings.



Chromagen Receives the Outstanding SolidWorks Product Concept Design Award
Chromagen News, November 2011

Chromagen Ltd. receives the top design award at the 6th annual SolidWorks Conference in Tel AvivIsrael on October 3, 2011. The judges of the competition select the recipient of the award based on submitted SolidWorks projects showing the design concept of a product in 3D using the SolidWorks program. The SolidWorks competition, which included over 50 project entries, was divided into two categories: Mechanical Design and Design. Click here to read the press release.


Chromagen Pro Plus DJ 150 Solution


Chromagen Installs a New High-Pressure Polyurethane Machine
Chromagen News, October 2011

Chromagen announces the installation of a new high-pressure polyurethane machine into its tank factory located in Israel. The new Cannon polyurethane metering machine, Cannon Afros, ensures the highest manufacturing performance in the industry. The inclusion of this machine further enhances the Chromagen commitment to produce products with the highest technical and quality standards, efficiency and reliability. 



Chromagen Unveils the Next Generation Thermosiphon Solution at Intersolar 2011
Chromagen News, June 2011

Chromagen ACS Ltd, is displaying a new completely integrated thermosiphon solution; Chromagen Pro Plus DJ 150 Solution, at the Intersolar tradeshow in Munich Germany. The Chromagen Pro Plus DJ 150 Solution with its unique industrial design reduces heat loss, brings aesthetics to the surrounding environment and allows all parts of the solution to be recycled. This next generation solution contains a new concept in tank construction, powerful collector, multi-purpose stand and piping; which is integrated internally throughout the solution.

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New Solar Water Heating Systems Tour Demonstrating Across the United States
Chromagen News, April 2011

Chromagen Ltd., announces, in conjunction with A. O.Smith, the start of the A. O. Smith's United States High Efficiency Revolution Tour working with and educating distributors, wholesalers, contractors, plumbers, specifying engineers, builders and consumers about high efficiency water heating solutions including solar thermal water heating systems. The two-year cross-country tour, which kicked-off in Long Beach California, focuses on several high efficiency product lines including  the Cirrex® Solar Thermal Water Heating System – comprised of Chromagen collectors and an A. O. Smith solar tank. It is the latest advancement in solar thermal water heating and one of the most efficient water heating systems available to homeowners today. 

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Solar Energy for the Less Privileged
Sun & Wind Energy, March 2011

Solar thermal systems are able to reduce energy costs. To realise such savings, government programmes in Turkey, Brazil and Mexico are promoting the integration of solar installations in social housing.

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Chromagen Receives the Israeli Foreign Trade Award
Chromagen News, 21 December 2010

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer for Industry, Trade and Labor, presented the 2009 Foreign Trade Award to Chromagen on December 20, 2010, in a ceremony at the official Jerusalem residence of the President.


Receiving the award for Chromagen were Adar Azancot, CEO; Shlomo Perry, VP Export; and several Chromagen export employees.


Chromagen's Pro Forced Circulation Released 
Chromagen News, 15 December 2010

The Pro Forced-Circulation Tank (PFT) is a 200L and 300L solar tank that is designed with an integrated solar station. The PFT is supplied with a heat exchanger (one or two spirals, an integrated solar station (one or two lines, an electrical heat element and an expansion vessel. 


Chromagen & A.O. Smith Enter a Strategic Agreement
Press Release, 14 April 2010

Chromagen has entered into a strategic cooperative agreement with A.O.Smith, a global leader applying innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions to products marketed worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement, Chromagen offers A. O. Smith the exclusive use of its solar collectors for use in residential and commercial solar water heating systems in the United States and Canada. The two companies also agreed to work cooperatively to design, develop, and market energy-efficient solar products.

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