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Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions since 1962, has developed a solid global installed base, increasing supply and demand annually. Chromagen's systems, which are available in more than 35 countries worldwide, bring innovation, quality and cost savings to home owners, institutions and commercial projects. The commitment to deliver top-of-the-line water-heating solar solutions is in conjunction with the belief to promote environmental awareness.

Why Chromagen?

  • Top-of-the-line manufacturing technology of products guaranteeing product safety, longevity and energy efficiency
  • Leading solar water solution company with 50 years of experience bringing a history of reliable and stable products
  • Worldwide network of authorized Chromagen distributors committed to fast, professional service
  • Best-of-class products with long-life warranties
  • Compliance with all international standards
  • Commitment to deliver environmentally friendly products
  • Installations that come with accessories, such as the special anti-burn faucet
  • Specialized designed solutions for constructors, organizations and industry projects
  • Products that are manufactured on-site and quality tested
  • Dedicated Chromagen sales and support teams worldwide